Dataset on Integrated Solid Desiccant Packed Bed - Oscillating Heat Pipe Systems

Published: 6 June 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ddfnvp4v67.1
, Jo Darkwa


This experimental dataset for Integrated Solid Desiccant Packed Bed-Oscillating Heat Pipe System contains raw temperature data obtained from Fully Packed Bed (FPB), Small Annulus Packed Bed (SAPB), Medium Annulus Packed Bed (MAPB) and Large Annulus Packed Bed (LAPB) all respectively integrated with Helically Coiled Oscillating Heat Pipes (HCOHPs) charged respectively with Ethanol (EOHP), Methanol (MOHP), and Deionized Water (WOHP). The packed beds were filled with silica gel (Silicon Dioxide/SiO2) of particle size between 3.35mm-4.75mm. The annulus packed beds were in Heggs et al (1994) Z configurations described by their annular dimensions as small (SAPB), medium (MAPB) and large (LAPB) corresponding to diametrical ratios (Do/Di) of 2, 2.35 and 3.08, respectively. The data are mainly raw temperature data from Omega K-type thermocouples inserted in three designated Mass Transfer Zones (MTZ 1, MTZ 2 and MTZ 3), corresponding Walls (Wall 1, Wall 2, and Wall 3), Evaporators (Evap), Condensers (Cond), and Adiabatic Sections (Adiab) of each HCOHP integrated with a packed bed. Each packed bed was integrated with three (3) HCOHPs containing the same working fluid. Each HCOHP had two (2) thermocouples on their adiabatic sections and three (3) thermocouples installed on their evaporators and condensers respectively. The HCOHPs were numbered 1, 2 and 3 and the position of thermocouples on each component were labelled a, b, and c. For instance, the first evaporator would be labelled Evap_1 and where the thermocouple is located can be identified by say Evap_1a indicating the thermocouple is on the first position on the 1st evaporator. The ambient temperature data are also presented for each integrated system. The inlet and outlet pressures of each packed bed obtained as electrical pulses in Voltage and converted into Pascal (Pa) are captioned as Derived Pressure in Pa. Inlet and outlet air temperature, velocity and relative humidity obtained from Sentry ST732 Hotwire Anemometers and AZ 8829 Temperature and RH% data loggers are on the Inlet and Outlet Data Tabs. The dataset has seven (7) spreadsheets each for a packed bed configuration type integrated with the EOHP, MOHP or WOHP. For instance, for SAPB integrated with the HCOHPs i.e., EOHP, MOHP, and WOHP respectively, the combinations are SAPB-EOHP, SAPB-MOHP and SAPB-WOHP respectively. Each combination is presented on separate Tabs on the spreadsheet with its test run number such as SAPB-EOHP 1, SAPB-MOHP 1 and SAPB-WOHP 1 for test run 1 and SAPB-EOHP 2, SAPB-MOHP 2 and SAPB-WOHP 2 respectively for test run 2. The annulus packed bed configurations integrated with the HCOHPs have data for two test runs presented. Only one test run data is presented for the fully packed bed (FPB) namely FPB-EOHP, FPB-MOHP and FPB-WOHP respectively with respective inlet and outlet conditions data.


Steps to reproduce

The steps to produce can be obtained from associated published peer reviewed sources in this project. References to these reference materials are as follows: 1. Yeboah, Siegfried K., & Darkwa, J. (2021). Experimental data on water vapour adsorption on silica gel in fully packed and Z-annulus packed beds. Data in Brief, 34, 106736. 2. Yeboah, S. K., & Darkwa, J. (2021). Experimental investigation into the integration of solid desiccant packed beds with oscillating heat pipes for energy efficient isothermal adsorption processes. Thermal Science and Engineering Progress, 21, 100791. 3. Siegfried K. Yeboah, Jo Darkwa, (2020) Experimental data on Helically Coiled Oscillating Heat Pipe (HCOHP) design and thermal performance, Data in Brief, Volume 33,2020,106505, ISSN 2352-3409, 4. Yeboah, S. K. and Darkwa, J. Experimental investigations into the adsorption enhancement in packed beds using Z-Annular flow configuration. International Journal of Thermal Sciences, Volume 136, February 2019, Pages 121-134. 5. Yeboah, S. K. and Darkwa, J. Thermal performance of a novel helically coiled oscillating heat pipe (HCOHP) for isothermal adsorption. An experimental study. International Journal of Thermal Sciences, Volume 128, June 2018, Pages 49-58.


University of Nottingham - Ningbo China


Heat of Adsorption, Heat Transfer, Adsorption, Thermofluids